Cannabis Container Farms

We provide a Plug & Grow solution that streamlines the start-up process and begins generating revenue in as little time as possible. The system is designed and engineered for easy operation, allowing users of all backgrounds to immediately start growing.

Cannabis Container Farms

CCF10 Cannabis Container Farm

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A complete process in a container from seed to harvest….

• Germination & nursing process: This is the unit where there are a special ebb & flow trays that are planned for plant propagation. Due to this germination unit there is no need to transfer any seedlings from an external source. This feature keeps the growing environment safer against mildew, spint and thrips. Following the germination, the seedlings will be grown in the same area until they are enough grown to be moved.

• Growing process: Once after the nursery process is completed, cultivated plants need to be transferred to grow room in where they will stay until the harvest.

• Specialised software and hardware to plan fertilising schedule to supply the nutrition necessities of the plants.
• System runs through programmed PLC circuit. Display shows current situation and alerts on screen. Also day and night time settings can be set differently and can be followed online on screen.
• System is capable of storing recorded data for 1 year.
• Upper & sub limits can be set by graphics through on screen directly.
• Day and night set conditions change slowly by ramp according its set time and duration to not to cause stress on plants immune system.
• All equipment running durations are recorded as feedback for the user as well system instruments’ service checks.
• Used seaway transport containers are redesigned and are converted to the Grow-Containers. Hygienic floor and wall materials are used to keep the environment clean and safe.
• Agritom can provide a separate system for cloning and mother plants as an option for bigger scale growers that are interested.
• Agritom offer a growing cycle information support system for its customers that needs support during the growing process.

Technical Specifications:

Product Code : CCF10
Body Type : 40’ High Cube ISO Container
Dimensions of Container : 2440x12190x2900mm. (W*L*H)
Mature Plant Capacity : Up to 320 plants
Seedling Capacity : Up to 360 plants Nursery Bench : 304 Quality Stainless-steel profiles, bolts and nuts.
Irrigation Methods : Ebb & flow and drip irrigation
Cultivation Room Area : 18m2
Harvest Cycle Average : 6 per year
Air Conditioning System : Cooling, heating, humidity control, disinfection and air homogenization.
CO2 Control : Electronic CO2 control system with 2 sensors.
Disinfection : Integrated ultra-violet radiation and ozone generator system.
Irrigation System : Recycle ebb & flow floor or top feeding system
Nutrient Control System : Integrated reservoir with pH and EC dosing to control nutrient solution.
Water Filtration : Integrated particle filters and reverse osmosis filtration units.
Operating System : Digital Agritom control software with auto and manual working modes.
Lightning : Full spectrum auto-dimmable LED grow-light system with IR sensor.

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